Nurse Practitioners: Smyrna Pediatrics

Nurse Practitioners Deliver Quality Healthcare for your Children

When it comes to your child’s health, having a qualified healthcare provider who knows your family’s specific medical history and needs is important. Having a compassionate, trustworthy healthcare provider who also knows how to make your children feel at ease during appointments and treatment is invaluable.

Smyrna Pediatrics is proud to have 3 certified pediatric nurse practitioners (NP) on staff to help families manage health and balance wellness for their children, from infants to teens.

When children visit a nurse practitioner, parents and caregivers can count on open and comprehensive discussion about symptoms, diseases, and treatments. Nurse practitioners are trained to ensure families have a comfortable understanding of every aspect of their children’s health, whether that means exploring the best treatment options for an illness or knowing how to avoid sickness.


Years of Education and Experience Lead to Nurse Practitioner Certification

Nurse practitioners are educated in diagnosing and treating diseases and health conditions. In addition to medicating illness, NPs are experts in helping patients lead healthy lifestyles, prevent sickness, and focus on overall wellness. NPs in Tennessee are licensed to serve as a patient’s primary healthcare provider. They are qualified to diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication.

Before becoming certified, a nurse practitioner must undergo years of intensive education and training to prepare for this area of the medical field. Most NPs have obtained a Master’s of Science degree in Nursing, and many also have or are working toward a doctorate.

In the state of Tennessee, certified NPs may practice as healthcare providers without a supervising physician physically present. However, a doctor is always available, whether over the phone or in person, to lend expertise and consultation to the NP.

A nurse practitioner starts out as registered nurse (RN), often spending a year or two gaining experience as an RN after they earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Then, during post-graduate education, many choose to specialize in a specific medical field. In the case of Smyrna Pediatrics’ office, our on-staff NP specializes in pediatric care.

In order to become nationally certified as an NP after post-graduate school, nurses must pass an examination testing their medical knowledge.


Difference between a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician

While nurse practitioners and physicians (doctors) both are medically educated and dedicated to their patients’ health, they are not the same thing. Generally, physicians have a higher level of education, which focuses on studying the science of disease, illness prevention, and treatment; an NP’s medical education, on the other hand, tends to center around patient care and maintaining general wellness in addition to being familiar with common illnesses and treatments.

Whether you choose to have your children visit a physician or an NP at Smyrna Pediatrics, our staff is committed to providing personal, compassionate, professional care to your family.